Farand Heydari

Assistant Director

I am an experienced 1st AD always looking to find a new project to broaden my horizons. I have been a 1st AD on many film, commercial, and music video productions. From budgets of thousands to budgets of a million. Working in almost all narrative and commercial formats, with a wide variety of talent ranging from TV/Film stars to Grammy winning musicians and professional athletes, I believe every project has a unique story to tell.

Positive morale and strong leadership is how I focus my energy on set. Every project has unique challenges and it is up to the people involved to lift each other over those obstacles. Execution of the project with the mind of delivering the best project I can give and in a timely fashion is the core of my work mentality.




When I am not hard at work on set, I can be found riding my motorcycle, or working on my graphic design on photoshop. I also enjoy a good boxing match and love to travel to see what the world has to offer. Because we all know that... all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Most of my life was spent in San Jose, in the south bay, before moving to San Francisco for school and ultimately moving to Los Angeles shortly after.

I attended San Francisco State University where I received a degree in Cinema, with an emphasis on production. Now I live and work in LA, moving from one production to the next.

Feature  Commercial  TV